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Aluminum Generator Slide

You won't find a higher quality aluminum generator slide. This can also be used for many different things such as coolers, grills, etc. These are constructed of all aluminum except for the slides themselves including the mounting brackets. These slides are good for 600lbs. We highly recommend purchasing our generator tie down kit as well when you order this product. We offer several sizes listed below. Need a custom size? No problem just give us a call @ 812-539-1880

18"D x 24"W $525

18"D x 32"W $550

24"D x 32"W $595

***NOTE....Add 1" to depth for slide releases sticking out

Generator Slide Tie Down Kit

This tie down kit is a must with the generator slide. This kit is very easily installed and will keep your generator or anything else secure on your slide. This kit is available for only $45.00

One Finger Release Bar for slides

The one finger aluminum release bar makes it so easy to release the locks to slide in and out. Instead of having to reach from end to end with two hands, just a simple push of a finger. Purchase this aluminum release bar for any of our slides for $50.00

Aluminum Wheel Chock

Lightweight Aluminum Wheel Chock. No sense in carrying around a bunch of pieces of wood or some heavy chock. This chock is very lightweight and will last you for ever.$55.00 each or $100 a pair

Aluminum 5 Gallon Race Jug Holder

Keep your fuel jugs secure while traveling down the road with this great looking affordable aluminum fuel jug rack. If you need one that holds more jugs than listed below just give us a call @ 812-539-1880

1-jug $76.00

2-jug $96.00

3-jug $116.00

4-jug $142.00

Aluminum Ratchet Strap Hanger

Keep your straps up off the floor and organized with our ratchet strap holders. If you need a special size that's not listed below then just give us a call @ 812-539-1880.

8" $22.00 each or $40.00 a pair

12" $30.00 each or $55.00 a pair

Aerosol Can Holder

Nice Aluminum Aerosol Can holders. Keep your trailer looking good and organized. We offer these is a 4, 6, 8, and even a 12 can holder.

4- Can $34.00

6-Can $40.00

8- Can $46.00

12- Can $50.00

3", 6",and 12" Wide Aluminum Shelf

3", 6", and 12" wide aluminum shelves for keeping things organized. Hang them on walls, in cabinets, or anywhere else.

3" x 16" Long $39.00

3" x 24" Long $46.00

6" x 16" Long $45.00

6" x 21" Long $50.00

6" x 24" Long $55.00

12" x 16" Long $65.00

12" x 24" Long $73.00

60" Long Aluminum Ramp Door Extensions

Our ramp door extension is a must for loading your low sitting Hot Rod. No need carrying long boards around so you can get your car loaded in the trailer. Make your life simple and order your ramp door extension today. They are 100% aluminum constructed except for the custom hinge. Our standard extension is 70" wide by 60" long. We also offer a 80" and 84" wide as well.

70"W x 60"L $985.00

80"W x 60"L $1150.00

84"W x 60"L $1225.00

****NOTE...These must be shipped truck freight

Aluminum Slide Out Trailer Step

This sleek aluminum hide away step is a must for any trailer. Even if your trailer already has a step of some sort, you may still want to replace it with this one. These are strong, sturdy, and opens and closes with a simple push of a lever on each end or add our optional one finger release bar. Standard sizes listed below. Need a special size? Just give us a call @ 812-539-1880

18"W x 12" D

30"W x 12"D

42"W x 12"D

48"W x 12"D

54"W x 12"D

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